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Yay! To new beginings

I am so excited to start blogging on a regular basis. My life seems like the busiest thing ever lately and yet I love it. Im spending more time doing everything... more time with my kids, more time with my friends, more time creating, more time doing things for me. Its great all around. 

My newest love is my wholesale orders... I absolutely love selling wholesale to you oil feens! I love hearing about how happy the receiver is when they get their item. Its the greatest! I am so happy to share that with you guys.

One time about me is that I like bargains and cheap sh*t. But not in my life I am buying things smarter instead of cheap. I buy supplies in bulk, instead of cheap, I buy my oils on the rewards program, I always use coupons for any random things at most stores. Of coarse I groupon for fun outings or trying new things. So in my brand I want to share affordable items for you. I wont ever up charge just because I can. If an item in my shop costs more it is because it took me too long to make or the stone is more precious than the others.

I love nothing more than custom requests, you guys have some really awesome ideals and if you see something I dont and want it....let me know! 

Until next time

Alicia Marie