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I cant live without my oils

There isnt much things in life in which me, my parents, my kids, my grandparents, my dogs, and my friends all need and use. 

Oils are for everything!

My oil journey started at the end of my bachelors when I was trying to find something to help me retain all the unnecessary memorized facts that school requires you to know. I googled and found aromatherapy as a source. That was cool... then I met peppermint, I mean I really met peppermint. He was there... just chilling for a while helping me focus but I had no idea there was so much more to him. He didnt even tell me either! I went for months just enjoying his company not knowing his secrets. Then I met an amazing person and they told me about the real peppermint. The one that I could get really in dept with, the raw, natural, un cut version of this guy that I had spent months getting to know. I fell in love all over, my mind was always clear and he was there for my kids when they needed him to calm their fever. What a great guy right? I know... being a single mom, I know just how hard those guys are to come by. I was in another state selling my jewelry when me and peppermint got real and I was having my asthmatic symptoms. It was 20 degrees out and I didnt dare go to my car and get my inhaler. Then I remembered what my amazing friend posted just the week before about how he helped her son with his asthma. I grabbed him and held him close, took one big breath in, and no more wheeze. His company gave me just what I needed, I didnt touch him, hug him, or even kiss him, I just gave one breath in. 

I have not had to use my inhaler since Christmas of 2016

Peppermint is the best guy I know, but dont worry ladies there is a bottle out there with your name on it as well. I hope that peppermint or any other Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oil can help you in the way that it did me. There are so many oils out there for everyone. If I can help you out in any way please dont hesistate.